Kim D (28 Jan 2012)
"To Mike W regarding your diabetes"

I just went to a seminar on a doctor who was not afraid to tell the truth about the food that we are eating.  They are putting stuff in our foods to make us sick - particularly to get diabetes.  Here is the secret...nothing processed at all and you can eat meat, fruits (that are low in glycemic value) and veggies (that are low in glycemic value).  It is all about glycemic value.  What has given us diabetes over the years (this disease has sky-rocketed) is foods high in glycemic value.  It causes blood sugar spikes.  The spikes also cause weight gain.  I have been overweight all of my life and once I found out this key - I am now losing weight.  You have to eat about every 3 hours - but eat the right things.  You will eat more food than you ever have and will still get your A1C under control.  The A1C fluctuates due to the spikes.  That is what the A1C is all about.  We were also told to eat a protein with anything you eat - so eat some peanuts with that apple or eat some cheese with that brocolli.  I have stopped eating all breads (pumpernickle is low glycemic) and I stopped eating all sugar (I use stevia or truvia - the artificial sweetners are poison).  I don't eat white potatoes or rice either.  Google glycemic index.  There are also many other websites that talk about what all is in our food.  Note that there is a bill in congress right now, that if it passes, that doctor whose seminar I went to, will not be able to tell us what is going on.  I can't believe how much better I felt after just a couple of weeks.  These high glycemic foods also cause inflamation.
We want to feel the best we can until the day we meet our Creator!
God bless,
Kim D