Kevin Heckle (19 Jan 2012)
"3500 year old tree, Moses and Armageddon"

I live near the 3,500 year-old cypress tree named 'the Senator' that recently burned down, mysteriously consumed from the inside out.  My son goes to college just a few miles away from the park.  It is odd though, just a few weeks ago me and my son were passing by the park where the old tree resided and I asked him if he'd ever seen it as I had not, even though I've lived in the area all of my life.  I guess I'll never get to see it now.  I wondered though, what was happening 3,500 years ago when this tree was just a sapling. 
Moses and the Exodus
After a little research, I found that in the 15th century BC (1480's BC) when this tree was estimated to be a sapling, Moses had fled Egypt for Midian and had married Jethro's daughter.  It was around that time that the great oppression of the Hebrews in Egypt began, eventually leading to the Exodus in 1446 BC.  It was just before the Exodus when Moses first encountered the Lord through the BURNING BUSH!
The first recorded battle in history happened between the Egyptians and Canaanites, over the lands of Palestine in 1479 BC.  The battle happened at the valley of Megiddo.  The Battle of Megiddo was recorded by Egyptian scribes in detail, favoring their Pharoah.
I thought it was interesting that the site of the first ever recorded battle in history was the same location as the last recorded battle in history:  Armageddon (the Valley of Megiddo).
A tree named "The Senator" after a man named Moses
Finally, there is this:
The reason the tree was named the 'Senator' is that the landowner at the time the park was dedicated was a Florida state Senator.  Senator Overstreet donated 10 acres of swamp land for the park where the large cypress stands and the tree was named the Senator in his honor.  President Calvin Coolidge dedicated it in 1929.
Ironically, Senator Overstreet's first name was MOSES!  How about that for divine providence?
In Christ,
Kevin H.
P.S. Did you ever stop to think about Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush?  It was the first time that Moses, the man who penned the first five books of the Bible, met the Lord.  All the Word, from Genesis 1 through Exodus 2 had to be written in retrospect, inspired by God of course.  I'm sure there were oral histories, but Moses was the first to put them to papyrus to endure!  Some say the book of Job is older, and that could be true.  However, the story of human redemption and rescue begins HERE at the burning bush!  Maybe just maybe, that story with its beginning at a burning bush (unconsumed) around the time of the first recorded battle of Armageddon will end, signified by a burning giant of a tree (consumed) around the time of the last recorded battle of Armageddon!!  If a thousand years is a "time", then a 'time, times and a half' (3.5 times) equals 3,500 years.  3,500 years from the burning bush encounter, beginning the Biblical era, ends in our time!