Kent Crumpler (16 Jan 2011)
"Reply to Jane re: Two Suns"

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your input and question.  I had this vision back in 2008 and it was, I think my second one ever.  For the longest time, until last year, I did not know what this meant.  After all of the planet x and nibiru discussions from the latter part of last year, I believe some sort of celestial body will be visible in our sky as a second sun.  I have come to understand that high winds and tsunami(s) would be associated with something that big that close to Earth.
I believe it may cause significant damage and change when it does occur.  I have no idea when this might occur.  The Lord does speak of shaking the earth in the book of Isaiah, Chapter 24:1, 19 & 20.  If I had to guess, it woud be in the great tribulation period.  Whenever it does occur, I believe it is a part of judgement and a call to turn to the Lord.
It will happen since it is written and I have seen many confirmations from folks like you.
Just my thoughts and God Bless!