Keith Davidson (26 Jan 2012)
"Vicki (25 Jan 2012)"

Yes indeed Vicki, life under the guidance of The Holy Spirit does lead us into all the truth.
I'm seventy-one years old and for most of walk with Jesus has been a PROGRESSIVE REVELATION.
Perhaps by way of an illustration; the other day i was in my work shop, having just cleaned up saw dust and wood shavings, when i sat down bowed my head to ask God by way quieting my spirit before Him.( Psa.46.10)" Be still and know that I am God" ..(.Mt 7.7 )"seek and ye shall find".
I recently mislaid(lost) something I needed badly; looked everywhere; even mentioned to my wife i could NOT find it.  But when one goes quietly before Him, he sends His guardian angel to help one find the missing thing.
I'm retired now for 11 years, and i look back with such gratitude on the many, many times when God steps in and settles the matter. He is a friend indeed.
The question of the figs about to drop could be this: In Israel there are figs trees that fruit TWICE. The early figs ripen now in Israel, and can be a warning to His elect. 
The late summer figs about the time of their new year.month.Tishri , ( these are the BEST QUALITY) through to their feast of Atonement. This could be God's appointment to release His sanctified Jewish proselytes( 144 thousand ) into the Diaspora to bring the gospel of Jesus to His people!
                                     WE ARE THAT CLOSE TO THE END TIMES