Kathy S (5 Jan 2012)
"Ben Stein's Commentary"

Very Interesting statements made in this commentary below!  =D> applause
It is AMAZING that this was put on National TV!
It is AMAZING that someone had the GUTS to say this too!  Let alone proclaim he IS a Jew.
And...it is AMAZING the difference or change Ben Stein has become.  I wonder "IF" he has excepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour?
~X( at wits' endThis world is NOT the world I want. ~X( at wits'
This COUNTRY is NOT the country that I remember growing up in.  What happened to the innocense?  What happened to the morals?  What happened to the values?  What happened to our churches?  What happened to the Christain faith?  I think some of these questions are answered in this commentary!  It ALL began in the HEART of each individual.  The hearts slowly began to let go of faith and belief in a HOLY GOD!  The hearts slowly began to not trust in God.  The hearts slowly stopped serving God.  The hearts slowly stopped thinking about God.  The hearts slowly stopped feeling God.
I DON'T like this world anymore!  I do NOT want to be part of it!  I am ready to LEAVE! O:-)
            angel  I wake up with enticipation each day hoping we are going to LEAVE this world very soon.  There's those two little words again....VERY SOON.  We have been hearing them for soooo long now.  I WILL BE SOOO GLAD when those two words are NO MORE!!  Because the trumpet would have sounded and that means we have been CAUGHT UP to our Heavenly Home on high!!!!  AMEN !!!  and PRAISE THE LORD!!  I am sooo eager for this to take place!  Are you??
Can you just imagine being in God's Glory ALL THE TIME??  Every minute or second of the day?  All day ... everyday???  Of course, there will be NO 'time' in Heaven.  Can you imagine that??  We won't be going by TIME???
Can you just imagine listening to the prophets and the writers of the Bible?  Learning about what they wrote about and the times they lived in?  How amazing will it be to LISTEN TO JESUS PREACH??  And, how earth shattering will it be to 
"BE" in GOD'S GLORY ALL THE TIME??  I say earth shattering....we won't BE ON earth during that time and...it truly WILL BE "the" earth shattering!
Oh how I yearn and pray that "I" and "WE" all as watchers WILL BE caught up as part of the Bride of Christ!!  I DON'T want to be left here on this shattering earth!!  I want to be in the presence of the Almighty GOD for eternity! =D> applause
Can you imagine what it will be like to SERVE God for all eternity?  He WILL be the best BOSS or LEADER or FATHER or PREACHER you have ever had!!  There IS NONE to compare!!  Isn't it exciting to know we WILL BE part of the governing system on this earth after the tribulation is over?  What position will YOU hold?  Will you be a secretary?  Will you be a supervisor?  Will you be a mayor?  Will you be a senator?  Will you be a governor?  Will you be a Presidient?  Will you be a ruler?  OR will you just be a garbage man or having one of the lowest jobs on the totem pole?  It ALL depends in how we have worshipped and served our creator!  It all depends on OUR HEARTS!!  
:x lovestruck HOW IS YOUR HEART??? :x lovestruck
:-/ confused WHERE IS YOUR HEART??? :-/ confused
O:-) angel WILL 'YOU' BE PART OF THE BRIDE?? O:-) angel
kathy s.