Judy Morford (17 Jan 2012)
"Emergency Prayer Request and The 333 phenomena and the Lord's Imminent Return"

Dear John and Doves,

 Personal circumstances for so many committed Christians reflect the "wearing down of the saints". A dear friend has a godly Korean adopted son now nineteen.  He has blessed hundreds of people with his God given gifts from coaching kids to excellent film making.  He has been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of sarcoma known only to have occurred in older Japanese men -there is no protocol for treatment and no research.  It is my firm belief that God wants to bring glory to Himself as we fervently pray for this boy's healing.  The best doctors can offer him is a phase one experimental approach and a brutal lung surgery to remove more than two dozen tumors. Those consulting doctors are literally the best in the US and perhaps the world.  We need a mighty miracle.  Will you please join me in prayer, Doves. His name is Connor. The Lord knows if that healing may even come in the Rapture.

Perhaps related, I have had a strange phenomena lately,  I have seen gematria numbers such as 555,888, 153, etc., for years - as have many watchers.  Then more recently, I have also seen the 11:11 on clocks, etc., However, the number 333 has been just the last couple of weeks.  So, this morning I decided to look it up in Strong's and found an interesting thing.  It comes from a root meaning to shut up, to close.  My immediate image was the door of Noah's ark being shut by God. Have you or others seen the number 333? Any insights?

Secondly,  we now  have a skiff of snow on the ground and rarely get more than that in our area. However, yesterday, I asked the Lord if the Rapture is imminent (even this month) to let us have more than a skiff at our home.  We proceeded to have a near "white out" for some time. When the evening news came on, the weatherman said that the most snow that fell in the metro area was literally where we live.  I believe my prayer was answered.

Watching the current Middle East build up is on one level fascinating in terms of prophecy, but frightening on the level of the potential  loss of human life and Israel's intended harm.  We are in such critical times that are wholly ignored by the media. 

 We watchers are fervent in our prayers for the Lord to come quickly for His face to face loving plan to be fulfilled and to escape this place of coming judgment.