Jovial (19 Jan 2012)
"Failed prophecies of Nostradamus"

Nostradamus had a lot of FAILED prophecies.  There's no need for us to pay Nostradamus any attention.  If you invent a lot of vague stuff and allow several hundred years for it to happen, sooner or later you'll come up with an event that can be mapped.  But let's take a look at the following failed prophecies he made...
1. Said Arabs in Tunis, Fez and Bougie would be captured by Morroco in 1607. It didn't happen. (VI.54)
2. Predicted ban on astology to occur in 1607.  It didn't happen (VIII.71)
3. Predicted a cleric election in 1609.  There is no record of this having ever happened. (X.91)
4. Predicted "king of terror" for 7th month of 1999.  You guys lived through this time period. (X.72)  Nothing happened that could be applied to having fullfilled that prophecy.
With all these failed prophecies, why should we waste or time trying to figure out if any of his vague prophecies apply when his specific ones bombed?  Have we swallowed all that PBS special propoganda to the point that we believe that over common sense and a history failures?
Nostradamus was a false prophet.  Let's not give him any credibility.