Josua (20 Jan 2012)
"Orion, 153, PI - a perfect match again!"

Dear Doves

During that time of the year, each night I see the constellation of Orion rising through a window in the ceiling of my house.

According to (looking at the meanings of the stars from a truly biblical perspective), Orion represents Jesus. The following descriptions are also taken from that website:

ORION (Hbr) "Light-breaker" Ha-ga-t (Egy) "this is he who triumphs"; Ur-ana (Ak) "the light of heaven"; Betelgeus (Hbr) "the coming of the branch"; Rigel (Hbr) "the foot that crushes";Bellatrix (Gk) "quickly coming to destroy"; Al Nitak(Hbr) "the wounded one"; Saiph (Gk) "bruised";Al Rai (Arb) "who breaks and bruises"; Thabit(Hbr) "treading on"; Al Giauza (Arb) "the branch"; Al Gebor (Arb) "the mighty"; Al Mirzam(Arb) "the ruler"; Al Negjeb (Arb) "the prince";Niphla (Chldn) "the mighty"; Nux (Hbr) "coming forth"

In Michael Colungas Post (which was fortunately piced up by MathMan and hence raised my attention):

Mike wrote:
"The Orion Nebula is about 1344 light years away. " (colors added by me)

Now this is exciting because - hold on to your seat now! - the number 153 appears the 1st time in the digits of PI at position 344...

What an incredibly nice (non-)concidence again - I can only stand back in awe at how incredibly wonderful God has arranged Physics and Maths, to let us discover all this things.

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua