Josua (19 Jan 2012)
"To Nicole re: Jonathan & Sebastian"

Dear Nicole

I fully agree with your post:

I maybe wasn't that deep in sin as you were, but I was living a lukewarm life as a Christian, full enough of compromises, until 2009. Only after I willingly started to obey the word of God and repented, and made Jesus the number 1 priority in my life, I started to understand many things in the word of God and my eyes were opened and I suddenly understood that Jesus will come again and that everything points to OUR time! I did not even look for that, it just happened that I suddenly understood. I then also found websites such as fivedoves, Dr. Owuor, RITAN etc.

Regarding the rapture: I first thought that it is ridiculous. I thought it is only something for the lame lukewarm Christians who are afraid of anything bad ahead. I wanted to be ready to go to prison and die for Jesus. BUT.... ....careful study of available theories and most importantly the Bible itself led me to understand that the rapture is indeed the blessed hope for all those who put Jesus first in life.

Stacking money and food for the tribulation really reveals that those who do it for themselves still put their trust into worldly things rather than Jesus.

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua