Josua (17 Jan 2012)
"Just played number scrabble, coincidentally ended up with Jan 28"

Dear Doves

This post possibly just wastes your time because it is about some really over stretched maths related to my car number and the possible rapture date of 28. Jan... ...maybe this one is just really too crazy, so please either skip it or otherwise just read it for fun and in that case please don't remind me that I have gone mad, thanks.

If you decided to continue reading, here is what happened to me:
Today I complained towards God about my "ugly car number". I simply never understood why I got an ordinary number such as 480 782 - why didn't he gave me something nice such as e.g. 153 888 ? :-)

Well, I finally took my calculator to check if I can't simply find something nice about 480 and 782 (heading for my favourite rapture number 153).

480 = 153+153+153 + 7+7+7 ...hmmmm, not too bad
480/pi =  152.7887 = 153 ...aaah, as I really like pi, that satisfied me and I went on with the next number

782 - 153 = 629 ...well 629 is a funny number because you can point-rotate it and it is still 629. But besides that, I don't know what to do with it.
782 - (5*153) = 17 ...reminds me that 17/111 = 0.153153153, and also 153/999 = 0.153153153153... ....but its still not satisfying enough.
782/13 = 60.1538 ....well that made me smile because I just recently created a youtube account named "Light1538".

Finally, still in search for something satisfying, I type 782 and press the square root button 7x on my calculator and I'm pleased with the result: 1.05342393, which is rounded 1.053 (dropping the zeroes and comma leads to 153). This one pleases me. Then I start thinking about what pressing the square-root button 7x really means. Entering a number x and then pressing the square root button 7x means:
x^(1/(2^7)). 2^7 = 128, so in my case it means that the 128th root of 782 is 1.05342393.

Now this caught my by surprise, because it rang a bell: 128 looks like 1-28, Jan 28!

Hey I did not look for that at all, I just played number scrabble with my car number!

My car number looks much nicer now, because it is not 480 782 any longer, rather something like:

153*pi 1.053..^(possible rapture date of 28. Jan)

All glory to GOD who provided me with that really incredibly nice car number! :-D

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua