Josua (13 Jan 2012)
"Dream of my son: Jesus calls and raptures children in catholic church"

Dear Doves

today morning my son Julian (5y old) told me that he had a dream this night:

We (whole family) were in the local catholic church during a church service. Suddenly there was a bright light in the back of the church, and when he turned he saw Jesus standing there. Jesus said "All Children, come to me!" and all children instantly run towards Jesus. Then they first went out of the church building and after that Jesus ascended and he took all children with him. End of dream.

Note: My wife is catholic and about 2-4 times a year we go to a catholic church service there (which is a big burden in my spiritual walk, but that's another story). Next time would probably be around Easter.

I asked him if Jesus only called the children, and he said: Yes, Jesus ONLY called the children and even I and my wife stayed there (yikes!!!). -> Let's humble ourselves and be like children!

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua