Josua (10 Jan 2012)
"A little teaser for and"

Dear Doves

I made a little advertiser for Rons webpage and also the webpage, in hope that it could attract the visually minded artists out there. It may look a bit weird to you Doves, but that's exactly how some people like it (hey, I was one of them too, not too long ago!). If you have some kind contact or kids or grandkids that may be interested in such "stylish visuals", you may want to provide the link to them and while they just watch it they may get interested in the presented links too?
(see video description text below. Ron, if you want me to change something there please just let me know)

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua


This video is an attempt to attract the visually minded ppl out there to take note of the critical times we are living in! (Credits for base work belong to the demogroup ASD - I just changed some textures and re-rendered it as video)


Psalm 90:12: "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

I believe that counting the days, years, Sabbath-years, and Jubilees allows us to really discern the times!

The first 4 feasts of the LORD have been fulfilled in action and timing in the Jewish calendar when Jesus came 2000 years ago:

1. Passah: Jesus died
2. Unleavened bread: Jesus was buried
3. First fruits: Jesus was resurrected
4. Feast of weeks ( = Pentecost): The Holy Spirit was outpoured

The 3 remaining feasts of the LORD will be fulfilled accordingly at his second coming:

5. Feast of Trumpets: Jesus returns
6. Day of Atonement: Coronation of Jesus as King of Kings on earth
7. Tabernacles: God dwells among men

Between now and his second coming, the RAPTURE will take place!

There are amazing sings pointing to 2015 as the year of Jesus glorious second coming! The implications are that we already ARE in the final 7 years. Is this really possible?! Check out and to grow your understanding about the end times and most importantly: make Jesus the ultimate number one priority in your life!

If you want to surrender your life to Jesus, go down on your knees and pray the following prayer:

Father in heaven, I realize, admit and regret that I have sinned and I ask you from the bottom of my heart to forgive me! I thank you that through Jesus, who died for my sins, you give me eternal life. I subordinate myself to your will and your son Jesus from now on and in all eternity. Please help me through your Holy Spirit to live my life to your honor. Amen!