John G (4 Jan 2012)
"Re: K.S. Rajan - RAPTURE"


So what else is there? What other time frame is there that man has not and cannot measure? If you think hard enough, you are already hard at work exercising it! The speed of thought! It cannot be measured because there is no distance to be traveled. The same instant that the thought occurs, it is received, and translated to be understood.  (R. S. Rajan)

It seems that the RAPTURE could be the very cause of the World-Wide destruction.  After reading the entire article above, my thought - the RAPTURE happens suddenly, without warning to those not watching/waiting, in the twinkling of an eye, 1/100th of a second, or could it be even faster than thought, then sudden destruction on an unsuspecting world.

The results of the RAPTURE will be devastating, planes falling from the sky crashing to earth in flaming balls of fire, trains derailing that are carrying chemicals, toxins that fill the air and ground water.  Tractor trailers, gasoline tankers crashing/exploding and burning, ships crashing into bridges, oil tankers/barges turning the water to poison, cars, buses crashing and burning everywhere.  So many earthly functions/jobs requiring human monitoring that cause havoc in all the worlds cities.
(this happening world wide suddenly/simultaneously).  Entirely too many events taking place to write about, I'm sure we all get the visual

Could be all the above happening, along with the Psalms 83 war, God intervening for the Jewish people and they are now in control of all their promised land, and, after all this sudden simultaneous destruction, 10 kingdoms come together giving their power to the AC, he can take his seat in the dome of the rock for all I care (false god, false religion) and claim to be god, those left behind wouldn't care, he confirms God's Covenant with the many that the land truly belongs to the Jews (what an obama nation/desolation that would be) false temple, false god, false religion.  

So, as many suspect, we are approaching the middle of the tribulation, something certainly should happen in 2012.  If not, then at 71, I will happily look forward to the grave, although - I truly want to experience the RAPTURE, just can't wrap my head around being RAPTURED out of here and on the way up feeling your very veins taking on immortality!!!  What a thought!!!

John G