John B (9 Jan 2012)
"Re: Susan B......Obama head wound"

Hi Susan,
If you read Revelation 13 and 17 you'll find that there is no scripture verses that say the anti Christ (the first beast) has a head wound and recovers from said wound. This is a misnomer that someone voiced and now it has become the "deceived" accepted norm...... but it is untrue.
The applicable verses state that the first beast or the antichrist has seven heads and ten horns. The bible goes on to disclose that these seven heads represent seven kings and also seven mountains. Rev.17:9.  And one of his seven heads meaning one of these seven kings receives a deadly wound and it was healed. Rev.13:3. No head wound but a wounded king.
If you go on to decipher the riddle in Rev. 17 about these kings and the first beast it will lead you to the papal state established in 1929 and the seven kings of that state since its inception. It will also lead you to one of those kings who received a deadly wound and was healed exactly as scripture has foretold. It will also tell you of the affiliation of this first beast with a world wide organization. Describing this organization in such detail that anyone can ascertain who it is. And in no uncertain terms warns you to stay away from said evil organization.
I wish everyone on the planet would read and understand these verses so that the majority of people would not be looking for a world leader to be shot in the head. For the king has already received a mortal wound and recovered as per scripture.
Blessings there in Australia Susan.............John B