John B (9 Jan 2012)
"Trojan Horses???"

The bible says that in the last days the whole world will be against Israel and Jerusalem. And if God says the whole world, then it will be the whole world against Israel............ and that will include the United States of America. With this in mind, are there any of you Doves besides me that have a very bad feeling about the thousands of U.S. troops being deployed in and around Israel in that they may be Trojan Horses?
Are there any bible believing Christians out there that believe Obama and his demonic administration are really friends and allies of Israel?
The bible says that at some point Israel lets its guard down as in "un-walled villages" meaning that they trusted someone that they should not have trusted. Could that someone be the U.S. under the Obama administration?
For those who are not aware the U.S. has recently moved its troops that were in Iraq to Turkey and Jordan........ near the borders of Israel. Now we are directly inserting thousands of additional U.S. troops inside of the borders of Israel proper and pulling an aircraft carrier task force up on her doorstep. Also there is a large international force in Turkey under the guise of possibly intervening in Syria. Not only is Israel directly surrounded by it's enemies Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon now we have a foreign force inserted directly into this tiny country. Not to mention Iran,Turkey, Russia, Iraq and the rest of the Islamic countries that are foaming at the mouth to see the annihilation of Israel who are also poised in the wings.
Under the guise of staging troops for an attack on Iran and Syria could this really be a huge "Trojan Horse Operation" to defang Israel and divide and possibly conquer her country......once and for all establishing so called peace in the Middle East?? Wouldn't that be a feather in Obama's hat!!
I see no biblical reason why this could not be the confederation of countries that come against Israel in the last days spoken of in Ezekiel 38 and 39. But you say, we haven't had the Psalm 83 war or the Isaiah 17 war with the destruction of Damascus yet, don't they have to precede Ezek.38,39?
I don't believe Psalm 83 is a war, just an advertisement for war. As for Isaiah 17 and Damascus, it could very well be erased from existence by God when He directly intervenes for Israel in Ezek.38,39. I guess what I am saying is that the conflict spoken of in Psalms 83, Isaiah 17, Zechariah 12,  Jeremiah and Ezekiel 38,39 could be the same conflict. There's an awful lot of players on that stage at the present time and if it is an end run,Trojan Horse maneuver God won't be fooled. Think about it, we are running out of time to fit all these individual wars in that "most" bible scholars say will happen before what most of us believe is the conclusion to this era.
The plan appears to be that the U.S. and Israel are going to attack Iran crippling her military abilities for many years to come. So won't that set back the end time bible prophecy timetable beyond the time frame for what we believe will be the conclusion? That fact reinforces the possibility that what we are all looking at staged in the Middle East presently is indeed Ezek.38,39.
God says in Ezekiel that when Israel has a great force of her enemies surrounding her and poised to attack and wipe her out as a country that He will personally intervene. He says that there will be no doubt worldwide as to who came to Israel's defense. He single handedly will eradicate over 80% of the forces that are aligned against Israel. And the most awesome thing that He will do during this monumental event is to show His face to these forces. As per Ezekiel 38:18 ...."And it will come to pass at that same time, when Gog comes against the land of Israel, says the Lord God, that My fury will show in My face. For in my jealousy and in the fire of My wrath I have spoken....."
We know from reading the bible that no one can look at the face of God, He is pure light energy stronger than a billion lasers.  He tells us in Ezek.38 that He is so angry with the forces aligned against His chosen people that He actually shows His face to them. When you read in scripture that the eyeballs will melt from men's sockets before their bodies can fall to the ground and that Damascus is there in the evening and is vaporized in the morning then one can appreciate the power God has if He decides to show you His face. Woe to those who will be on the receiving end of His soon coming wrath.
But you say this is Gog coming against Israel and we have been led to believe that Gog has something to do with Russia or Turkey so this can't be Ezek.38,39 because the U.S. is involved. Maybe so but another line of thought is that Gog is a demonic force that has been pervasive on this planet since Satan took over the title deed from Adam and Eve and made it his playground. This Gog force meaning Satan and his henchmen have infiltrated all the governments of the world and pretty much orchestrate what transpires on this planet.
Wouldn't you honestly say that our own Government has been taken over by Gog? The people of this country are still semi righteous but our federal government is probably the most corrupt entity on this planet. It makes me ill to make a statement like that but sadly it's true. So yes it appears that Gog is staging around Israel and sadly we are part of it.
If this is a big Trojan Horse maneuver I don't believe our troops are aware of it or what they may be called on to do. Only upper management so to speak will be privy to the double cross...... Obama and the Gog infiltrated pentagon. Maybe this is why it says in Ezekiel that God spares one fifth of the forces aligned against Israel and eradicates the rest. It may be our sons and daughters who are deployed there who have no hate for Israel and are innocent in all these doings that will be spared.
So the whole world will witness what God did on Israel's behalf and a whole lot of Jews and fence sitting Christians will have their eyes opened and make sudden conversions and reversals in their lives do to what they have just witnessed.
But I believe they will need to make those salvation decisions quickly because the next thing you read in Ezek.38 is that there is a great worldwide terrible earthquake. I believe this is the same earthquake spoken of in Revelation 6:12, the earthquake at the opening of the sixth seal where the great resurrection of the dead in Christ, the great resurrection of the dry bones (whole house of Israel)  and the catching away rapture of we in Christ who are alive happens. It is also the start of the great tribulation for God says in Rev.6:17...."For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?"
Like I said, I have a bad feeling that Israel is about to let down her guard and trust the wrong crowd only to be faced with disaster. But fear not the creator of the universe will be in Israel's corner with the power and light of a million suns at His disposal.
John B