John B (30 Jan 2012)
"RE:Gerlinda......Tabernacle.......the two beasts"

I enjoyed your response to my post concerning the subject of the word 'tabernacle'. It was very refreshing to me that there are others (you) on the Doves site that have the background, insight and discernment to understand the abominations and blasphemies that transpired over the centuries in the RCC and what bible prophecy tells us will happen in the near future concerning this organization. An organization that will play the leading role in the Satanic end time scenario.
I went back and re-read your initial post where you questioned whether the term "His Tabernacle" used in Rev.13:6 could be referring to the physical representation of Christ, His visual body when He was on earth......and realized that I failed to answer your question. I focused on the term "His Tabernacle" as a dwelling place more specifically the dwelling place of worship or God's altar or throne when you wanted someone to focus on whether Jesus' earthly body was or could be a representation of "His Tabernacle".
To answer your question, I see no reason why in the context of Rev.13:6 that the term "His tabernacle" could not have a duel meaning. Meaning a dwelling place or place of worship in heaven and / or a reference to the physical body (tabernacle) that accommodated Jesus when He was on earth that is now in heaven.  Although I do personally believe the text was referring to the heavenly dwelling place or place of worship.
6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme
His name, and His tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.
The bottom line is that it will take the first beast, the antichrist 42 months (when he arrives on scene after the rapture) to secure a one world government and a one world religion. Continuing from that point after the initial 42 months, this beast will then declare himself to be the true god, give himself a name other than the name of the true God, announce that his tabernacle (his holy dwelling place) will be in Rome and tell lies and distortions concerning we saints and others that live in heaven. All of this to fulfill what is written in Rev.13:6.
Gerlinda, you stated in your reply that....
......Thanks John, you have written so much that I can agree with except for the fact that there are two beasts, the a/c and false prophet.......
I am sorry if I gave you the impression that I don't believe that there are two demonic beasts in this end time scenario.  I thought I had gone into great detail in my posts to focus on both of them. I will copy below a recent post to Kari where I explain my beliefs concerning both of these beasts.
God has gone into great detail in Rev.13 and 17 describing this first beast. A beast who figuratively had seven heads and ten horns which God tells us in Rev.17 stand for seven kings and ten kings and also seven mountains. God gives "those who have wisdom" a riddle as to how this first beast who has risen from the bottomless pit fits into the plot of these seven kings and then how he interacts with the ten kings. God describes in great detail an organization (RCC) who this first beast is a part of.....and a woman, a woman who plays three different roles in this text / plot ....two figurative roles and one literal role.
This woman represents a literal woman....the false RCC Mary.Rev.17:3  She also represents a worldwide beast system harlot church (RCC) consisting of peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues.Rev.17:4,5,6,15  And as per Rev.17:18 she represents a city where the first beast the antichrist will reign from. A city built on seven mountains or seven hills.......Rome. Rev.17:9   
If people are "wise enough" Rev.17:9 to take the extensive information given to them by God and solve the riddle He gives in Rev.17 they will understand that a demonic beast from the bottomless pit, from the sea (two meanings for sea) will appear back on the world scene. I say back because the text says that ....he was, and is not, and yet is....... meaning he was alive ,died, and will show up and appear to be alive again. He will have been the sixth king of a kingdom and after a demonic image of him arises from the bottomless pit....he / it / this demon will also be the eighth king of this organization. When all this information is distilled the picture of who this beast is becomes clear. A pope who was the sixth pope of the RCC (which became it's own country in 1929 ) who the bible says will also become the eighth pope.  Keep in mind that the popes are the kings of the Papal State called The Vatican.
As per the second beast the one who is called the false prophet my description of him and who I believe he will be is stated below in my letter to Kari so I won't re-write it.
I enjoyed your post very much and hope my latest post answers your initial question and clears up the muddy water concerning my views of the two demonic beasts that appear in Rev.13.
Blessings.......John B
Hi John,
Shouldn't the pope be in the category of false prophet and not antichrist?  Who would you surmise being the false prophet if a pope was the antichrist?
To answer your question from above........ John the Revelator with a vision from God makes it very clear in Rev.13 and 17 that the first beast from the sea is the one we call the antichrist. And from my letter to you above I described why I believe this beast to be the risen sixth pope of the popes since 1929 when the popes actually became kings. But keep in mind that it will not actually be this sixth pope but his image indwelled by a demonic being. It will actually be the ruler of the bottomless pit a spirit being called Apollo or Apollyon. When he takes over the reigns of the RCC as the eighth pope (the next pope) immediately after the rapture he will already have a world wide religious system and political system in place. And with his extraordinary oratory skills and ability to do miracles he will easily win over the left behind people....... and as the bible says he will completely and utterly deceive them with his bag of demonic tricks.
Everyone realizes that the RCC is a complex worldwide religious system consisting of a billion people but what most people don't realize is that the RCC also has a political wing and an intelligence community that major governments such as the U.S. and Russia are envious of.  Their political and intelligence wing headed by the Jesuits have their tentacles into literally everything worldwide and are not voted out of office every few years as other governments are. Remember from Ephesians that we do not fight against flesh and blood but we fight against a demonic Gog system that has it's tentacles inserted in all the governments of the world at the present time. So it should be no mental hurdle to see how this spirit beast disguised as the next pope will be able to control the planet after we are gone. This Jesuit system already has the world broken up into ten areas as the bible has foretold. And as the bible states in Rev.17:12 there will arise ten kings or leaders who do not have a kingdom but will be given one by the antichrist to rule with him. My bet is that ten of these Jesuits will be given power by the antichrist to rule the world with him .....a world that has been broken up into ten areas. All the nations of the world are presently monetarily broke. Not so for the RCC who is beyond rich and if it needs more will petition it's flock of lost sheep for all the resources it needs to pull off the great end time demonic deception.
You asked me who I thought would be the false prophet? From what God tells us about this second beast in Rev. 13 we know that he also will have great oratory skills. He will be the chief cheerleader and promoter of the first beast. He will be able to do great miraculous things but only if he is in the presence of the first beast which is a dead giveaway that it's really the first beast who has the power. It's this second beast who requires everyone to take the mark of the first beast on their hand or forehead in order to buy or sell. The second beast is granted power by the first beast or Satan to breath life into a statue of the first beast causing it to speak. Anyone who would not then worship this talking statue would be put to death........kind of like back in the Middle Ages when the RCC murdered millions of true Christians and Jews who would not kneel to the authority of the pope and the papal states of that time frame.
The second beast who we call the false prophet is described as having two horns as a lamb and that this beast comes from the earth. That being said I believe that this second beast will be the Islamic savior the Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam, the prophet that all the Muslims are waiting for. This Mahdi that they are waiting for is supposed to be a boy who fell down a well into the "earth" in the ninth century. Notice the phrase God uses "having two horns as a lamb".....God could have said two horns as a ram but instead He chose lamb that to me denotes someone younger not a man but a boy. And the two horns to me represent the two branches of Islam....Shiite and Sunni. So a boy (lamb) who will become the Mahdi or twelfth imam is expected to come from the earth (well) to be the Islamic savior for the two branches of Islam (two horns).
Satan knows his gig is almost up and that this is his last chance in this era to deceive the world and take as many souls to hell with him as possible. He is pulling out all the stops in this great deception. He will form an alliance with the two largest religious organizations on the planet.....Roman Catholics (1 billion), Islam (1.5 billion). The next pope the eighth who was also the sixth....(was, and is not, yet is) since the Vatican became it's own country in 1929 will be what the bible calls the first beast that comes from the sea....The Holy See.
He will be joined by a second beast, the false prophet, that comes from the earth who I believe will be the Islamic savior prophet, the Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam.
For those of you who haven't been paying attention to the present day workings of the RCC, you need to know that the RCC has also pulled out all the stops and are in the process of making multiple alliances with Islam. To keep up to speed on these developments I recommend the web site below. Check out all the links on the right side of the page concerning the RCC and this topic. If one never realized how evil this church really is, these links and articles will convince you and horrify you.  But only if you know what the bible teaches and not what the RCC teaches.
The common thread that the two religions have that the RCC is actively pushing is Mary, the mother of Jesus. But the Muslims are not attentive to the true Mary but to the counterfeit Mary. This Mary the RCC has literally created over the centuries and have raised to a level equal to God himself with titles as....... the Queen of Heaven, sinless, omnipotent, mediator between God and man (Jesus' role) and multiple other blasphemous titles dreamt up by the RCC.  Rev.17:3...."I saw a woman (false RCC Mary) sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy"
As I said before, Satan is going to pull out all the stops to deceive as many souls as he can.  So you can also expect this false Mary to show up on scene displaying her bag of demonic tricks as she has been doing around our planet for centuries. This false Mary and the blood crying statues of her, the hundreds of demonic apparitions of her around the planet have been setting the stage for a major part of this end time deception.  Besides the antichrist and the false prophet you can expect this false Mary to be playing a huge role in Satan's end time plan.
Hope this answers your questions Kari.......
Blessings.......John B