John B (26 Jan 2012)
"Re: Gerlinda....Tabernacle explained......reign of antichrist more than 42 months......comparing Dan.9:27 with Rev.13:5-7"

You are curious about the word 'tabernacle' found in Rev.13:6. For what it's worth I will share my thoughts on the word and how and why it is used in this particular text.
If you have followed my posts you know that I am adamant about the identity of the antichrist being a spirit being from the bottomless pit taking on the identity of a prior pope as per Rev.17. I have gone into great detail in my prior posts explaining this. When you establish who this being is and who and what he represents the scripture verses like the one we are discussing become easy to interpret.
Now words like tabernacle and how it was used by John become clear as does many other things.
The Roman Catholic Church re-sacrifices Jesus millions of times a day in their celebration of the Mass in thousands of churches around the planet. As if His sacrifice on the cross was incomplete. They take bread and wine and through this sacrifice of the Mass declare that they have literally turned them into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. This is complete blasphemy.... can you imagine telling Jesus He didn't do it correctly on the cross but we the RCC will continue to do it daily till it's right.
Once they have changed this bread and wine into Jesus (not) they distribute these bread wafers to the congregation. Any of these wafers that are left over can't be discarded because according to the RCC they are Jesus himself so they have to be enclosed in a sanctuary on the Catholic altars. This sanctuary is guessed it.....the tabernacle. This is where the Roman Catholic Jesus lives or is deposited after the Frankenstein priests have just created Him with bread and wine. God's RCC earthly tabernacle......pure blasphemy.
So when John says in Rev.13:5 that this first beast, the antichrist, from the bottomless pit is speaking blasphemies, he is correct. A large portion of the Catholic religion is not biblical but blasphemous....non biblical edicts and rules made up over the centuries to keep the people in submission. The Mass, mortal sins, venial sins, indulgences, purgatory, the rosary, penance (confessing sins to a priest), the sacraments, infallible teachings, a false Mary, etc. etc. etc. all non biblical blasphemous things dreamt up over the centuries by the RCC.
So God tells us in Rev.13:5 that it will take this beast 42 months or 3.5 years to maneuver the world to a point where he is in complete control. He will have ten leaders who were not leaders before and the false prophet at his beckon command. They will break the world up into ten areas and at the 42 month mark will be in complete control of a one world government and a one world religion.
Then, (as per verse 6) after these 42 months the mask comes off so to speak. He will have consolidated his Gog power structure around the planet. At this point he will declare himself to be god, blaspheming the true God, blaspheming God's holy name, His tabernacle and those who dwell in heaven. He will then display the extreme demon that he is killing millions of people who will not take his mark or worship the statue of him that speaks.
If you read the Dove posts from the 25th you'll see that I answered Bruce and Jovial concerns about the use of the word 'then' which starts verse 6 and how in this case it's the correct reflection of what John was trying to relay.
 The text in Rev.13:6 states that this beast will blaspheme God's tabernacle. God's real tabernacle is at or is His throne in heaven. But this first beast, this image of a prior pope will declare himself to be God and declare his tabernacle, his sanctuary, to be in his headquarters in Rome...... which blasphemes the true tabernacle which is in heaven.
After these initial 42 months or 3.5 years when this beast has consolidated his world wide power structure he will declare himself to be God... the true God that has come to earth from heaven. He will say God's throne now is in Rome not heaven. He will blaspheme the true God's name by giving himself another name or title. And he will tell lies and falsehoods about those who live in heaven.
He's the risen Catholic pope so he will cancel "the daily sacrifices and offerings' that were offered daily to God in heaven through the Catholic Masses around the planet. These daily sacrifices of the Mass and the offerings of bread and wine will no longer be necessary because he'll say.... I am god and I have come to earth, I am among you, so these old sacrifices and offerings are no longer necessary.
But  he will demand to be worshipped now that he is on earth and anyone who will not take his mark or worship the talking statue of him will be put to death.
Backing up what I've said above I'll use more holy scripture, lets look at the famous end time verses from Daniel 9:27.........
Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;     (7 years)
But in the middle of the week      (42 months or 3.5 years)
He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.   (daily sacrifice of the Mass and bread and wine offering)
And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined,
Is poured out on the desolate.  
Notice the redundancy between Dan.9:27 and Rev.13:5-7.  A relationship or covenant that had been in place (7 years?) is halted and at the 42 month or 3.5 year mark a huge change takes place. The 'one' who made the covenant changes and starts doing abominations and blasphemous things.
Can we plug what I've said from above into these verses from Daniel? Yes we can......
After the rapture of the church the world will be in complete disarray and confusion. A beast from the bottomless pit bearing the image of a well known pope will arrive on the world scene.(Rev.17) He will have all the answers to what just happened to millions of people that have vanished. He will have the demonic ability to perform multiple miracles that will dazzle and deceive the planet. He will convince a large part of the planet to go along with a seven year plan he has devised that will solve the extreme economic, social, and religious problems the world is facing...Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week (7 years). He will use the world wide structure of the RCC and it's political and intelligence wings to consolidate his power. He will give ten people kingdoms who did not have kingdoms before and break the world up into ten divisions for them to oversee.(Rev.17:12-13) The RCC Jesuits, the political and intelligence community, already have the world broken up into ten areas and I believe that this demonic pope will pick 10 of them to fulfill scripture. These ten new leaders and the false prophet who I believe will be the Islamic Mahdi will help the risen pope to form a one world government and a one world religion. This will take 42 months or 3.5 years or... but in the middle of the week.
But in the middle of the week after 3.5 years or 42 months the agreement or the covenant will end. This spirit beast from the bottomless pit will have consolidated his power to a level where he is now the world dictator. His disguise and demeanor will change 180 degrees. He will declare himself to be the true God, blaspheme the real true God, His name, his tabernacle and those who dwell in heaven. He will kill all who will not take his mark or worship him or his talking statue. Daniel stated it this way.....And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate..... 'the wing of abominations' stands for the whole Catholic Church complex.  'One who makes desolate' is the first beast, the antichrist, the spirit being from the bottomless pit who has taken the image of a former pope.
Even until the consummation, which is determined, is poured out on the desolate.....meaning that this beast, this antichrist will dispense his misery on the planet until the consummation (the end) a day determined by the true God. (If those days had not been shortened none from mankind would have survived)
You can see where Rev.13:5-7 by John is a replica of what Daniel has said centuries before in Daniel 9:27
I guess I gave you more than just the tabernacle connection but that's ok....people have to understand what the world will be facing soon after the rapture.
John B