John B (10 Jan 2012)
"RE: Raymond......Dry bones ,resurrected army of 200 million, demons"

You base your response to the dry bones and the army of 200 million topic on the writings of a Dr. Fruchtenbaum who believes this army of 200 million are demons. 
I agree with Dr. Fruchtenbaum that the first part of Rev.9 has to do with unleashing whatever God has imprisoned in the bottomless pit that resembles locust or scorpions that are to torment mankind for five months. Definitely demonic entities of some fashion. But the second part of Rev.9 concerning the army of 200 million are not demons as Dr. Fruchtenbaum believes.
If they were demons the text related to their description would not read as it does.
For in Rev.9:20 it states....."But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass,stone, and wood which can neither see nor hear nor walk. And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts."
If demonic forces were killing a third of the planet these left behind people would not continue to worship demons but they do as per the above scripture.
Besides that lets take a close look at the scripture describing the 200 million. First they were led by four angels who have been bound or prevented from doing something. Do we know of any other places in scripture where angels are prevented from doing something? In Rev. 7 we see what I believe are the same four angels and they are preventing the four winds from blowing on earth. These four winds are described in Ezek.37 and Rev. 7 as the winds that blow life back into the resurrected "whole house of Israel" (dry bones) lineage of Jacob which become an exceedingly great army. (army of 200 million)
The scripture says that God puts sinews, flesh and skin back on the bones of millions of resurrected bones from the lineage of Jacob from over the centuries. But they are not yet alive until their breath is restored which is blown into them from these four winds. And God has assigned and prepared these four angels the task of holding back these four winds until a certain hour, day, month, and year before He would allow the four winds to restore consciousness to these millions of resurrected children of Israel. Ezek.37:9-10, Rev.7:1-3, Rev.9:14-16  God has a mission for these resurrected children of Israel, this exceedingly great army of 200 million, but it has been arranged for a specific hour,day, month and year to serve Him and His tribulation wrath purposes.
Notice that neither in Rev.9 or Ezek.37 did the prophets refer to this exceedingly great army or army of 200 million as men. They couldn't because they were resurrected spirit beings being led by four spirit angels. Also notice that these spirit beings in Rev.9 wore colored breastplates which for me is a direct correlation to the children of Israel who wore square colored breastplates to distinguish their individual tribes. And whereas in the first part of Rev.9 the demonic creatures released from the bottomless pit were hideous, the spirit beings of the army of 200 million are not described as hideous. It's the horses they ride that are described so ferociously. The horses as being the ones that dispense death to a third of mankind with their fire, smoke and brimstone. Sounds like our resurrected house of Israel will be riding horses that resemble fire breathing dragons.
Remember that this is in the great tribulation period after God has proclaimed that His wrath had begun and I believe that He uses these resurrected people from the historic lineage of Jacob, this army of 200 million to dispense His wrath and justice to approximately two billion of the world's population that have sinned against Him and His chosen people. Maybe a righteous revenge factor in that He is delegating the whole resurrected house of Jacob to dispense His wrath. I find it a little coincidental that approximately a third of the planet (2 billion people) subscribes to Islam and are the undisputed enemies of Israel and that God uses this resurrected house of Israel to eradicate a third of the planet. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.
Also notice in Rev.7 that God restrained these four angels from letting the four winds blow that would have blown life back into this exceedingly great army and nowhere in that chapter do you see an order by God to release the winds. God has pushed the pause button and will only release these angels for their mission when the hour, day, month, and year are correct. At that time He will release these angels that have be bound or restrained by Him to accomplish their mission of letting life blow back into the house of Jacob--Israel. We see that God releases them in Rev.9:14 to serve His purposes, the purpose is His wrath on the evil inhabitants of this planet, killing one third of them.
John B
P.S.....I enclose the link below to my original article about the dry bones, exceedingly great army, army of 200 million, four winds, four angels, resurrections, rapture, possible timing of rapture, etc.