Joe Chappell (10 Jan 2012)
"to : Kevin M,  Alison  ...My Tsunami experience"

Dear Alison  , Kevin M  , and Doves
I have told a number of friends about this experience, but have never written about it that I know of.
After reading Kevin Mirasi's dream, and Alisons dream, I felt compelled to recount my experience.
On Christmas Day 6: 30 am, 2004, I picked up my friend at the Airport here in Tampa, who had flown in from Dallas.  We had a wonderful and uneventful Christmas Day,
My friend has an 80' converted fishing trawler, that is anchored at the southern end of Tampa Bay ( Florida, USA ) at the mouth of the Manattee River.  We have used the ship  for several mission projects in the Carribbean. Tampa Bay is almost 60 miles from the north to the south, and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.
He spent the night with me, and was sleeping on my couch, on Dec 26th, when he got a call from a  close friend who lives on his 60' sailboat anchored next to my friends Trawler. It was about 4:30 am, and I heard his cell phone ring from my bedroom. I am a light sleeper. The excited caller began to tell him about huge  waves crashing over the bow of his sailboat, which is 10 ' above the water line. This was absolutely unheard of, especially since there was no storm !!!  He further warned that my friends Trawler was dragging anchor and headed up river. The trawler draws almost 7' of water, and he was afraid it would run aground in the crazy waves.  I jumped out of bed, hurriedly dressed , and we left in a few minutes to drive the 45 miles to the river.
When we got to the Ship, it was still dark, and the waves were at least 4 or 5 feet on the river, but there was no wind ! The marina where the dinghy was kept had been completely washed over by the waves. We had to bail the dinghy before we could even use it. As the sun came up, we were amazed to see all the damage done. Boats were washed up on shore, and docks washed away all along the water front.
We finally got to the ship. and it was decided I would stay with the ship while my friend took the dinghy, and went to find the first mate who lived nearby. He was gone about an hour and a half, and while he was gone, I turned on the radio, and began to hear stories of the devastating earthquake and Tsunami that had hit Indonesia the day before.. We could only surmise, that the freak waves were the result of the Tsunami, on the other side of the world. there was no other explanation. Later that day, I saw a brief explanation of what had happened on a local TV station. The Eartquake/Tsunami had indeed sent a shock wave around the world.
Ever since that day, I have had feelings that one day, it would happen again, only this time, it would be far worse. I have lived by Tampa Bay all my life, and I am an avid boater and fisherman.  Even now, I live only about 2 miles as the crow flies from the Bay. I don't think the elevation here is more than 10'. Most of South Tampa is not much more than that. . I can't shake the feeling, and I don't think I am a paranoid person.  I have read accounts of what scientists think would happen if the New Madrid fault line suddenly gave way, sending shock waves out into the Gulf of Mexico, creating possibly a number of Tsunamis, wiping out dams along the Mississippi River, submerging cities , destroying oil  rigs etc.
There would be little warning if any, especially if it happened at night. Thank God and you, John Tng for FiveDoves.  I don't share a lot of this stuff with people unless I know them well. This site gives me an outlet with like minded souls.
Dear Doves,........ Watching, Praying, warning those who will listen......joechappell