JMS (9 Jan 2012)
"Re to Donald Price: about fyscical problems after starting seen 11.11. + some other thoughts !"

hi Donald P.

your thoughts and experience realy took me by surprise,

1 - I first started to se 11, when the Twin-Towers fall down in N.Y. 9.11.2oo1, and now I for a year have reccurenly problems with my balance, and often hear noise in my ears, I hear it like someone communicate on phones or 'mike' over distances, but I can't hear what they say.

2 - I believe in, that the WTO Twin-Towers symbolized 11, and it's a end-time sign - marker - warning to us - thats why it few hour's after the catastrophe was given the name Ground Zero. - the evil try to inform his martionet's, that he have changed time to Zero starting from now ( 9.11.2oo1) - so 9.11.2oo1 who in fact means 7.11 (september means SEVEN) - is a time/sign/warning, we should be serious aware of !

3 - another letter on Five doves talk about the restoration of eve after her fall and seduction of adam (Genesis 3:13-19.v.) - but that restoration happened through Maria, when she in faith obeyed the Almighty, and accepted to give birth to Jesus, - Luke 1:26-55.v. - the fallen eve is a laodicea-situation -  *an: I can do it all by myself* - who will end as 'babylon the whore' if they not repent. - also look at the warning in Isaiah 3:4-12.v.

But never forget that: the Almighty God have it all in and under control, NOTHING can happen, if HE not allow it. - also remember Romans 9:28.v.- it's time now to wake up from our sleep, pray as the Holy Spirit tells us.

and prepare for the soon coming of our Saviour and Redeemer, our Wonderful Highpriest and defender in Heaven, our Great Lord Jesus Christ.  ><> * - j.m.s.