JMS (3 Jan 2012)
"Re to Nicole"

A year back the Lord told me: I have been unmasked  those who should have been your guides,

but instead have been your misleader's, leading in the wrong direction, from My light, into

the darkness.

Now I with great power will reveal and unmask what realy happen behind your top level leaders

and vip's of all kind, from the fall of Eve to the last deception, - you now live in the evil's

and the fallen eve's endtime deception.

It's time now to open your eyes and see, your ears and hear, and your heart and listen and obey:

turn away from the darkness into My light, before I for ever seperated it from each other as told

you in Genesis chpt.1.

look only at and up for Jesus Christ, He alone is the Truth, the Way to eternal Life, thats the will

and redeemings and savings-plan of Mine !

May the Holy Spirit clean us in, and protect us all under the blood of the Chosen Lamb of God,

Jesus Christ, our Great and Wonderful Saviour, Redeemer, Lord  and Highpriest in the Temple of

the Almighty's in Heaven, and our defender in the Courtroom. and soon Coronated as our King of

kings, and Lord of lords for ever ! - ><> * ... Dk. 2.o1.2o12 - j.m.s.