JMS (10 Jan 2012)
"How to become God's new creation, the Children of the Ligth ! - John 1:9-14.v."

Dk. 25.11.2o11. - friends in Jesus Christ !

On the first day in creation, the Great Creator said: LET THERE BE LIGHT !

Thousend of years later, Jesus died on the Cross on Golgatha, paying the price for our sin, so He could set us free from our fallen adam/eve nature, if we
would believe and trust in, that Jesus is the Almighty God's redeemings-plan for the fallen creation ! - John 1:1-14.v. and 3:16-18.v.

Jesus died to set us free and become a new creation in Him. - they buried Him in a tomb, but after three days, early in the morning of the first day, -  Jesus was resurrected from death, as a New Man of God, - a New Creation on the first day in the week !


It is that New Man of God, Jesus want to make us a part of, if we believe in Him ? - then He also could be the firstborn New Man of God, - and if we trust in Him, we could be changed to that new creation to, -  the Children of God given to Jesus, as forcast by Isaiah 8:18.v. and mention later again in Hebrew 2:1-18.v.

Paul often mention that New Creation to, especially in Roman's chpt. 8th. - read the whole chpt, - and re-read what Paul say in verse 24-30. - 1.Corinthian 15:42-58.v - and Hebrew 12:22-24.v.

Also remember Daniel's dream-experience in chpt 7:13-14 + 27.v. - Daniel saw one ' like the Son of Man, - why LIKE ? - because Daniel saw Jesus Christ, the firstborn of the New Man of God,

Why was Jesus like ? - because Daniel probably saw Jesus, as Peter, John and Jacob saw Jesus revealed in Light, the day
Jesus took them to the mountain, - Matthew 17:1-7.v.

Remember the word's from the Almighty: this is My beloved Son, - listen to and follow Him ! - they all fell to the ground,
and when they look up again: THEY SAW ONLY JESUS, Matthew 17:5-9.v.

THATS WHAT WE ALSO HAVE TO DO, - that's to do the will of God and follow the saving plan of His, and to understand and believe in, that Jesus Christ, He alone is the Truth, the Way, the Life !

Have a blessed time in the love from Jesus Christ. - may the Holy Spirit clean and prepare us for the comming of Jesus, and clean and protect us all in, and under the Holy Blood of the chosen Lamb of the Almighty God's - Jesus Christ.

><> * - j.m.s.

PS. if you haven't read John TNG' article - Born again God,
you should do it,, and see how this thought's fit together !