Jesusrocks (5 Jan 2012)
"Doves seeing 11's,  Psalms 111-118, Ron Reese & Mathman's calculations"

Dear Doves,
Something just occurred to me as I read yesterday’s post by Ron Reese and his 11 reasons (  He mentioned that 11 is the number of judgment.  Could it be that we have all been seeing 11’s and multiples of 11 because we are indeed in the 70th week already? Is the Lord just trying to tell us, “You’re already there!”  In conjunction with this line of thinking, 2011 has passed and we did not see the rapture as is seems to be depicted in Psalm 111.  Maybe Ron is right and the timeline is 2008-2015 and Psalms 111-118 is simply a picture of the Rapture and tribulation without the implication of time.  I have had no real revelation from the Holy Spirit on this.  I am simply trying to make sense of so much information and how all of the puzzle pieces fit together.  Ron’s calculations can’t be ignored, but neither can the Psalms prophetic significance be ignored.
Another fact that is tugging at my heart was in a post by B.G. Ellis on Jan. 2 ( .  This chart depicts a chart with a line of symmetry that illustrates a mirroring effect of the 1967-1968 tetrads and the 2014-2015 tetrads.  In addition to these mirroring each other, this chart included 2 sets of 2 blood moons that fall on Passover and Sukkoth with the same line of symmetry.  To me, this points to 2015 as Jesus’ return.  Please check this out, my fellow Doves and let me know your thoughts.  I am thankful to be part of a community of watchmen on the wall.  May Jesus find us in the center of His will whenever He returns.