Jerry (27 Jan 2012)
"Cathy D's excellent post!"

I agree with you Cathy on this amazing thing that so many people scoff at the idea that we are so close to the return of Christ.   I had my 4 children taken from me in court 2 years ago because my wife of 27 years left me and said in the court room that "He is insane because he thinks BHO is the Anti Christ".   I can still hear the laughter of everyone in the court room who laughed at her comment.   Even the pastor of our church and his wife were in the court and his advice to me later when I went to him to try and restore my marriage was to "get help for my mental condition"   The Church is blind to what is about to come on this country!!   They are planning their programs for next year and talking about the republican's they  think they will win the election next November.  When I talk to people about repentance they laugh at me!   They just continue looking at their (phone/computer/I-whatever)  and get all their information about everything from the main stream media, never spending time in the WORD alone with God so His Holy Spirit can reveal to them what is going on.   As long as people  have no time to spend alone with God in his Word, They will be deceived by a STRONG DELUSION