Jennifer (28 Jan 2012)
"our Blessed Hope"

@    Hello My fellow Five Doves,
                 First off, Thank You John for all you do..
                 I am so looking forward to our Blessed Hope.. Somethings of the world are more than wearing me down... I love my job and I have great team were I were work.. One of the guys on my team said to me tonight " I am sorry for what you are going thought, he is (I will not say the word, I do not speak like that) for what he is doing to you, he is loosing a great woman." Yeah after 18 years, wow I least I know I can look myself in the mirror. Made me cry so sweet and the look in his eyes, which I have more since last Tuesday than my whole life.
                 My situation at home is really wearing me down.. I spoke to my lawyer today and he said I am unable to move out of our house until after we meet again next week. Ugh... My soon to be ex husband has told me "I am the most selfish person he has meet." Which makes me cry.. I work very hard to make sure, I place others before myself. =(( broken heart Like our father does. We'll things I have learned since he ask for a divorce, have broke my heart and made me mad all at the same time... The roller coaster is crazy, the Guild post has a wonderful articatical about this topic... We got in a fight over the dog, and he acted like I could not do nothing right as always.. I just started crying... A wise woman I know "Trya" said it is because we are not equally yoked thought our Lord. I do believe this, you know her also thought here....
                Please pray that I have the strength to make it thought...
              I pray also this is all our last post, also... I can't wait to see our father.. Reading the letters (like in the past) have helped me keep hope thought this so far... And more so know than every, God knows what to say.
            Another thought.. I was praying on my way home asking God to help me get thought this. "Amazing Grace" come on K-Love, this has always been Gods way of telling me everything ok... I know he will get me thought it, but it never helps to ask for additional support. :(( crying
Your Sister in Christ,