Jennie (7 Jan 2012)
"Re" Kevin M."

I was fascinated about your Vision,  I too have been show a Mighty Tsunami in Virginia off the Chesapeake Bay over 3 Times.  It's bad.  Also, I was shown a Mighty EQ that COMPLETELY LEVELED A STATE in the USA.  It looks like Virginia which to me is scary because I live there, but at the same time,  the Angel of the Lord took me up to a cloud in the sky when it happened and then the Angel pointed down and I looked down and saw the Entire State Flattened.  Then I was back on the ground standing on top of the Leveled ground.  So, my belief is that I was shown of what is to come, but won't be here  I.E. Rapture.  I believe this is going to happen either at the moment of the Rapture or RIGHT AFTER THE RAPTURE HAPPENS.  Anyway, please go back to January 6 on the Doves and look for a person name  Gerlinda with a post of     Leave Right Now????  This might be what you are seeing????  Hope this helps   YSIC  Jennie