Jennie (5 Jan 2012)

I just listened to John Titor's 2012 predictions out of curiosity to see what he has to say.  He got quite a few predictions last year correct, so it sparked my interest into what he might say that is related to the Coming of Our Lord.
1.  The Pope will die possibly in May  and White Smoke is coming out of the Vatican's Chimney, a NEW POPE is elected quickly  and this NEW POPE STIRS TROUBLE????? (Are you getting it yet???)  Also, just for note, I posted yesterday that I believe the Lord will come before Isreals 64th Independence which is May 14th.  Remember, everything revolves around Israel??
2.  Obama is reelected and is in the hospital, but he does put his hand out the hospital window waving to ALL THE NEWS CREWS ON THE GROUND.  (Could he be the AC?  Mortal Head Wound??)
3.  This one is my favorite,  he sees a MAJOR NUKE going off in IRAN  it will effect THE ENTIRE WORLD  (Did you all get what I just said?  It's the same prediction as Dr. Owner said, but Dr. Owner said this attack is POST RAPTURE!!!!!)  Along with this prediction, Titor also saw Boots on the ground in the Middle East.  The Pentagon had just announced that they are putting American Soldiers on the ground in ISRAEL!!!!
4.  He saw a SURPRISE METEOR FALLING INTO OUR OCEAN  (Could this be Wormwood???)
I believe Titor does speak with the Spirit World, but I also believe that the Spirit World has a type of Gag Order to not give too much information on GOD'S PLANS???  What Titor has been shown is just tidbits of what 2012 is going to bring.  Also, as he talks about these issues I have just posted, he seems CONFUSED UNDER THE ASSUMPTION AS TO WHY THE SPIRITS DIDN'T ELABORATE MORE ON THESE CERTAIN PREDICTIONS???  This leads me to believe they are under a Gag Order.  (By the way, I do believe those who have past are now able to see everything in the PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE,  with the EXCEPTION OF THE TIMING OF THE RAPTURE.)
So, what can we conclude from this????  It looks like the Nuke thing with Iran will happen before the Pope dies and before Obama gets reelected and hurt???  If Titor is correct in the timing of the Popes death, then we can know that the Rapture is before Israels 64th Independence Birthday  May 14th 2012???
Just some food for thought,  forgive my spelling it's late and I am so excited to see how Wonderful our God is to use those who have NO KNOWLEDGE OF OUR LORD to reveal what is to come, so that we may be READY FOR JESUS!!!!    May it be so Lord       YSIC  Jennie