Jeff Glawe (26 Jan 2012)
"TO James R"

This is what you should do.. Dont eat processed food at all. That Includes Milk, whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta..Dont eat anything that is white and no wheat. Eat meat veggies sprouted grain bread. Eat berries and apples. And eat FAT, ya i said it eat FAT. These are the fats you should eat, Butter olive oil and coconut oil. Also Avocados. Do not eat margarine and oils I didnt list. Also take Krill oil or organic fish oil..If you want to buy something in a box dont. Go to the market and get meat fruit and veggies. Sweet potatoes are fine. Think about how our ancesters ate. They hunted searched for berrys and nuts and grew veggies. Take a nice vitamin supplement and drink a bunch of filtered water and your set. NO ALCOHOL!......Yes Christians drink and its ok in moderation but if you want to REVERSE this God willing and if the Rapture doesnt take place dont drink it.  Jeff Glawe