Jean Stepnoski (5 Jan 2012)

Dear Doves,
      The current number of votes between the 2 top Republican vote getters in the Iowa Caucuses stands at 8 votes. Is this something to get our prophetic attention? Looking back, like reading Hebrew, 3 Days from Epiphany we are at the evening of 1-3-2012, the evening of the Iowa Caucuses. Looking forward from 1-3, The Third Day is Epiphany. Of all the numbers in the Noah stories, the number 8 really is significant. There were 8 individuals in the Noah family. Of all those on the planet, only 8 survive. Only 8 are spared the rain, the deluge, the flooding, and drowning. Only 8 continue to LIVE. The Noah line extended to Messiah/Christ and to us through his 3 sons and their issue. Noah and his family had a warning of 7-8 days. F. M. Riley believes it was 8 days rather than 7.
      When we look to the 8 Days of Hanukkah recently, we see that Day 8, Hanukkah Complete, ended on 12-28-2011. Where are we 8 days later? We are at the ending of Tevet 10 and the beginning of the Feast of Epiphany beginning 1-6-2012 as of sunset on 1-5-2012. Remember that Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights while EPIPHANY is called The Day of the Lights or The Lights! Some have noted potential significance of 1-8-2012, 1-26-2012, or 1-28-2012. Many currently expect life to go on as it always has. The events of The Blessed Hope will confound such generational expectations, the attitude that as it has always been it will continue to be.
      The Last Day of the 8 Days since the ending of Day 8 of Hanukkah will be 1-5-2012,  DAY 8, The Day of the Lights ( Epiphany)! It will be The Third Day, as noted. It will be The Last Day of the Christmas Season and The Last Day of the 4 Fast Days noted by the prophet Zechariah. Might this be a very important DAY from 1-5 to 6 in 2012? We shall know soon. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,