Jean Stepnoski (28 Jan 2012)
"Forty Years Plus Seven Days for Mourning, Preparation, Repentance,Tests, Warning"

Dear Doves,
      The year forty anniversary of Roe versus Wade was 1-22-2012. It began year forty. In The Scriptures the number forty for days or years sets apart a significant period for tests, repentance, warning, lessons, wilderness, preparation, and /or transition.The conclusion is with the forty. Ninevah was given a period of forty days of preaching by Jonah for the people to repent by day forty. They did. There was a period of forty days in the Judean wilderness before Messiah/Christ began His public ministry, for preparation. There was a period of forty days from His Resurrection until His Ascension, for transition. And there were the momentous forty years for those of the House of Israel in the wilderness in the times of Moses and Aaron.
      In the days of Noah was a transition period of a week when Methuselah died until the rains, fear, panic, havoc, and tumult began. It was a period of mourning for him, upon his death. Any people mourning in the last week for the fetuses affected by abortion in America over the last forty years? Any mourning for the fifty million since 1973 in America? Have there been about a billion worldwide since 1973? Are we in a holding pattern for a week before significant events unfold for America and the world? Is there a brief delay for tests, repentance, warning, and preparation before TRANSITION? The Scriptural Day begins at sundown. The anniversary day began 1-21 at sundown. A full seven days is complete as of sundown on 1-28, for the time zones in America. Time zones in continental America are behind  Israel by about 7-10 hours. Will the trap, the snare (snare of the fowler) be set and sprung as Israel goes to her midnight hour as 1-28 goes to 1-29? On Sunday, the day of the sun god and fire? We shall soon know. I still believe that the Roe versus Wade anniversary number forty beginning is very significant, and spiritually vitally important in our times. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,