Jean Stepnoski (16 Jan 2012)
"Anniversary Year 40 Begins: 1-22 to 23, 2012"

Dear Doves,
      The date of the next round of professional football play off games will be on 1-22-2012. These will begin at 3 in the afternoon and 6:30 in the evening. Each will end after sundown, the beginning of the next Scriptural Day. So according to a Scriptural day, each playoff game ends on 1-23-2012.
      Why is the annual date of 1-23 so very important spiritually? This year will begin year 40, having ended the full year of 39, like Years in the Wilderness, since the rendering and announcing of the decision by the Supreme Court in the landmark decision, the spiritual watershed decision, called Roe Versus Wade. From 1-23-1973 onwards, in a warning and wilderness period, abortion has been legal and available in the U. S. A. Then, many nations all over the world legalized abortion, too. Each year, it is a Solemn Day of Remembrance, to Reflect upon the Defenseless. Absent and Gone from Us.
      Many people will still be thinking about Tim Tebow, the days of 1-22 and 1-23. Tim will be conspicuous in his absence from a gridiron! I believe this is part of Divine Plan. The theme is Being Absent Yet Remembered. To Christ, is someone noticed, conspicuous in her or his absence, who had been aborted? Christ sees each and all, the great and the small, every day of the year. He knows the total picture.
      Will there be a witness for Christian faith among the remaining quarterbacks in the playoffs? One of the potential 4 calls himself a Christian, drafted in round 27 of the pro football draft, and sat on the bench for years before his opportunities began. Like Joseph and Christ, this man has learned profound leadership lessons in dedication, humility, patience, and service.
      Will this man be conspicuous in his presence, to the honor and glory of Christ his professed Savior, as year 40 begins? Remember Moses and Aaron in the 40 Years? To Christ be the glory! Shall Life be Chosen and Blessed! May Aaron Rogers be blessed!
      Every day, especially 1-23 each year in these full 39 years of Warning and Wilderness, we may be reminded of the wise words of farewell of Moses to Aaron and others. These were just before Moses became conspicuous in his absence. "I set before you this day the ways of life and the ways of death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, so that you may live." La' Chiam!
With Love and Shalom,