Jan Loots (27 Jan 2012)
"Seeing heavin in a carpet"

Hi All
I never had a vision or a dream of, the rapture or heaven.
I usually see pictures of faces of people and animals on tiles, walls, the way a bath towel has been left, clouds and so on.
But something strange happen to me, as I looked at the long hair carpet on the bathroom, I saw a vision in it, when I looked away and back again, it was still there.
I saw about 3 rows of angels standing with a middle section of the row left open, at the back of the angels a multitude of people dressed in white.
Rite in the centre back, a white bright light.
In the front another multitude of people "clothed in still a purer white than the people at the back of the angles", walking towards the angels
I asked the Lord the meaning of this, in my spirit the Lord said that the back is Gods thrown.
The multitude of born again believers that walking towards the angels , is the believers that was in the rapture.
The group in front of the throne, and the angel came to welcome the people that was ruptured.
We are extremely close to the rapture, it could even be the 28th.
God Bless
Jan Loots