Jana Miller (26 Jan 2012)
"To Deborah (Letter of Jan 24)"

Dear Sister in Christ,
 I read your letter with joy in my heart that the Lord would use you so beautifully to bring a witness and confirmation to the body of Christ. Thank you for your obedience . There were so many things in your book that I  have experienced,too, that it would be hard to list them all. I will just pick out a couple... I, too, have received rainbows from the Lord. The best one being on my trip to Jerusalem in '08. My first look at the city ,from a balcony at the King David Hotel, was of the old city with a double rainbow in the sky!  I had been praying for the peace of Jerusalem for years, and it was if God was speaking to me at that moment! I ,also, have often walked at sunset reflecting on how wonderful it must have been to walk in the cool of the evening in fellowship with God!! Yes, we can still share that fellowship!!!  I  dream of someday being able to waltz with our bridegroom as a beautiful bride!!  Dancing is a wonderful pleasure that I believe waits us!  Yes, there is much error in most churches. I still attend a prayer group that meets at a church I have attended for several years ,because I know that these handful of people who are called to be prayer warriors for the needs of others are true believers. More and more, I find that I am being blessed by pastors on the internet, that the Holy Spirit seems to lead me to , rather, than what is happening in my local church.   There seems to be no appreciation for the brevity of the times in which we are living. ..no preparation . Well, I could go on and on , but let me just say that ,I do believe that what you wrote , was inspired by your relationship with the Lord, and it bore witness to me. Thank you ,again . May you be richly blessed.