Jana Miller (19 Jan 2012)
"Reply to Mike C re : Vatican Museum"

Dear Mike,
Like you, I love history ect. and was very interested in many of the things that I saw  at the Vatican. ... occult and masonic symbolism is everywhere. The mask was something I did get a picture of even though it should not have been possible due to the anti-photo glass they use. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I can find it. I think my husband may have downloaded those pics to his computer.My son lost the camera that had the pics still on it. However, I think it may have been a mask of  King Tut or Tutankhaman..If you google that name there are pictures . I have seen some that bare a likeness to our BHO...The mask I saw was black in color,not gold,so it was a much better likeness.still you might come across a picture that gives you the idea.. Maybe he is a clone (ha ha) ? That would explain the attitude of I can do whatever I want...because I rule!!!..