Jana Miller (14 Jan 2012)
""ALL THE CHILDREN GONE" 3/7/10 Re: Josua's post"

Your son's dream reminded me of one I had a few years ago. I am reposting it for your consideration.  


This may be just a silly dream but I cannot stop hearing this song in it ,and it seems significant.  Dream:  I dreamt I was an observer to a classroom meeting with a couple of dozen people . I recognized only two people. A man named Randy who is a committed christian ,who used to attend a prayer group I am in,and Chris Wallace from Fox News was sitting at a desk in the middle of the room writing in a notebook. A woman with short dark hair stands up and starts to speak about the healthcare bill that apparently has passed. She says she has proof that many of the provisions in it are going to do great harm, and she begins to list them. She is very animated and keeps stressing that there is no other possible conclusion. Then Randy(the christian man) says that while what she says is important,that first everyone should pray and sing. The song he begins to sing has the words"  All the children gone. Yes.all the children are gone." This song is being sung to a tune that sounds kind of like the hymn ,"I surrender all". Everybody begins to sing with him. I keep hearing the melody and the words , all the children are gone. I wake up when the phone rings this morning ,but I can't stop thinking about this dream. I feel as if there is a connection to this healthcare legislation bearing witness that it ,and children being gone are both current events .this song was a kind of lament,a memorial. I think Chris Wallace being in it shows some kind of news worthiness to something that has happened. Why are all the children gone? Is it the rapture? The children of God? One other thing...the Friday night that earthquake in Chile hit, I had a dream of a very bad earthquake.  I woke up Saturday morning ,put on TV to see the weather at about 7am and there was news on  about the earthquake in Chile !! I could not believe I would dream about a terrible earthquake and wake up to find one had actually taken place!!!! Some of you may remember that I have shared dreams in the past that seem to sometimes happen, but in the past there has always been alot of time between the dream and the event,if it actually happens. Now it is real time. Does anybody understand this?  I am unsure. I know the bible is all that really matters and there is no need for anything more, but maybe God wants to remind that we are end times and to pray more about these things. .....I just do not know.