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"I had a dream"

August 9, 2005
I had a dream last night.  I saw three plumes of nuclear blasts over the United States…over New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.  Also a devastating earthquake will happen in California.  This will happen three days after Tim Conway dies the devastation will happen. It will start in September and last into December. I saw a nuclear blast in Albuquerque New Mexico, I saw a nuclear blast in Phoenix, Arizona, I saw a nuclear blast in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Then I asked, “how will these things happen.”
A nuclear device will be brought in with the balloons at the balloon rally in October at Albuquerque, NM.  I don’t know if it’s to happen in September or November, but there is a nuclear bomb already planted in Phoenix, and another bomb is coming in an airplane to the air show in Las Vegas.  Another nuclear bomb will be placed into the San Andreas Fault somewhere in California to cause the devastating earthquake.  In the time of joy, perhaps in December, it will happen.  I saw a wave of evil, darkness, devastation, and death moving across the southwestern United States, after these disasters.  Like the wave or plague that swept across Egypt in Moses’ time.  Like a set of dominoes, all going down.  I was watching all of this happen from above, looking down at the United States.
I was told not to travel to the southwest.  I don’t know which year this all will happen, but I was told that Minnesota is a safe haven, due to the jet stream, which is like a protective shield around us.  The disasters will greatly affect our economy.  I then saw a bright light in the sky above me after the devastation happened.  It was coming from the heavens towards earth. 

There is no way to stop this devastation.  We have been warned for years to turn back to God, to get rid of our evil ways.  So now it will come. God is going to remove his hand from these areas and let it happen.  It will happen in the time of peace and safety, when we least expect it.  Look how quiet it has been in the United States since 911.


This was the most frightening dream I have ever had.