Jacquel Neff (10 Jan 2012)
"Watch for an event regarding POTOMAC"

It is becoming increasingly more evident as that blessed day draws near, that God is revealing more and more clues for us to add to the end time "puzzle"! I'm simply stunned by the revelations and insights that some of you are receiving and sharing with all of us here! I literally feel like I'm going to burst with excitement with the knowledge that God has many wonderful things planned for those who love His appearing! And its Oh SO CLOSE!! So anyway, just thought I'd bring this interesting short dream and couple of visions I had, to your attention. I wake every morning about 3:45, and I'm up by 4:00 to have my morning devotions. About 3:30 in the morning, a couple days ago, I was in that lucid state between sleeping and waking. I was dreaming lightly about something of no importance, when suddenly and abruptly, BOLD upper-case letters that spell-POTOMAC appears before my minds eye! It literally caused my stomach to jump like when someone comes up behind you and startles you, because of how fast it interfered with my calm state of mind! Let me tell you, I was confident that this  was important, as it felt like there was a element of urgency tied to it. I live near Seattle, and the only thing I know of Potomac, is its a river on the east coast. Never been there, or heard anything recently to cause me to be thinking about it either. Matter of fact, I had to look at a map of the U.S. to see where it was. I felt for whatever reason, I needed to keep an eye on the news for anything regarding POTOMAC. Then, as I was praying a little later, I was inquiring about this "dream", when I was given a name and a street name of an individual I've never heard of! The name was Ralph Berg (burg) on S. Coloma Street. I prayerfully asked the Lord to reveal weather these clues are from Him, and if they are connected. Then yesterday morning after my prayers, I was quiet before the Lord, and suddenly, I was shown- as if looking from above; a section of straight freeway, and an overpass crossing at a 45 degree curve, and a shield with the number 5 on it on top of the portion of freeway underneath the curved overpass section. I have no idea if all 3 things are related. I will be expecting some revelation on these clues, as I feel SURE they were given for a reason! Keep an eye out for any news on the POTOMAC or anything on the individual named Ralph Berg (Burg) . I don't know what the freeway vision means.

            God Bless you all ,Jacquel Neff