Iracema Reis (12 Jan 2012)
"My mother needs your prayers again!!!"

Again, my mother needs your prayers desperately...

On Dec. 1st she had surgery to remove a colon cancer. It all went very well. We had been told that the cancer hadn't spread and, with Our Lord's blessing, during the surgery they got the whole tumour out and she recovered beautifully. However, yesterday we went for her follow-up appointment and we were told that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes and she will need quemotherapy to kill these cancer cells before they manage to get into another organ! Moreover, the radiologist also found a lump in her pancreas that needs investigating. It may be nothing bad but, on the other hand, it may be..

I feel so miserable! I'm so confused because the doctor said we should be happy because, as far as they know, she doesn't have any more cancer in her body. How can it be when she had just told us that they had found it in her lymph nodes????!!!! I couldn't ask more specific questions because I could see the disappointment and fear in my mother's face...

To make matters worse our family doctor, who is at the moment on holidays and who has always been a blessed source of knowledge, encouragement and strenght to both of us will be retiring next March.

I am so terribly scared, like I'm fighting a war all by myself! I feel very weak and discouraged...

Please, pray for her! Her name is Celina Castro, she's 83 and my most precious treasure on this Earth!

God bless you,