Gerry Almond (9 Jan 2012)
"The times are upon us; here is proof as solid as it can get."

To:  All Doves and Watchers

Well, Ron Reese and Mathman too, have done what they can to alert and warn all of us of the impending high rapture watch date of Jan 28.  I am with him on this as I believe for a fact that Israel, now regathered in the land has only 1,437 days left from the date of 1/7/12.  That is based on the INCREDIBLE overlay of the days of Noah on MODERN ISRAEL, regathered in the land just as YHWH said they would be in Romans 11.  God has not cast them away forever, no sir, but they are to be regathered again in the land of their forefathers, never to be uprooted again.

I have posted this before, but I’ll try one more time to impress the importance on the reader.

Take one more look and I hope that you will believe it:

From the first Zionist Congress which ended 8/31/1897 with Theodore Herzl having permission from the British Empire to allow Jews to RETURN TO PALESTINE, on through 2 world wars, the second of which saw the terrible holocaust of Hitler’s Third Reich, on to the miraculous birth of MODERN ISRAEL as a refuge for the Jewish refugees from that holocaust, by U. N. decree on May 14, 1948, through to the recapture of Jerusalem on June 6, 1967, to the taking of the Golan Heights on October 12, 1973 and now until today, January 7, 2012 there has been exactly and to the day 41,763 days.  That leaves 1,437 days remaining to total 43,200 days.  

The sign of Noah to which I refer is the 120 years of 360 days each totaling 43,200 days that Noah had to prepare for the coming flood and destruction of his civilization.  

120 years x 360 days per year (as they were in his day) = 43,200 days

From 8/31/1897 through and including 12/7/2015 = 43,200 days.

Mark Biltz found the beautiful picture of the tetrads of eclipses identifying the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy beginning on 10/29/2008 and ending on 9/23/2015.  That date of 9/23/2015 (the Feast of Atonement) is just exactly 75 days short of the full Noah overlay count of 43,200 days.  

Daniel chapter 12:3ff details a conversation Daniel had with Michael, the archangel in which 75 days were added to the end.  Thus, 9/23/2015 + 75 days = 12/7/2015.  The very next day 12/8/2015 is the beginning of the MILLENIAL KINGDOM AGE.

8/31/1897…………………….43,200 days………………………12/7/2015.

In my mind there can be no greater proof of the totality of days than this, which incidentally, puts us over three years into the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.  In fact, there remains until the mid-point of the 70th week, which calculates to 4/11/12 ONLY 95 DAYS FROM TODAY 1/7/12.

Apr 11/12, 2012………1,260 days……..,,Sep 23/24, 2015…..75 days…Dec 7/8, 2015  

Since we CANNOT enter the WRATH OF GOD, also known as the GREAT TRIBULATION, we MUST be raptured some time in the next 95 days.  Brother Reese has made a great case for the date of January 27/28, with which I am 99.9% in agreement.  You see, I believe that God will allow us to know the time of His return, because nowhere did He say that we could not know EXCEPT as to the day and hour.  Since there are 2 days on earth all the time and 24 time zones, I can see how this would well be the case.

I came to the same date from another direction.  Consider the following:

Sep 29/30, 2011 RHH…21 days…Oct 20/21 TABERNACLES LAST DAY..60 days Dec 20/21 HANUKKAH…8 days..Dec 28/29…LAST DAY HANUKKAH…31 days which consist of the 21 days delay type found in Daniel 10, and the 10 days calendar shift found in the experience of Hezekiah, King of Israel…Jan 28, 2012.  If a double witness is needed, perhaps this will serve as such.  Total days, 120.   

As in the sign of Noah, this count is also 120 days, the 120 sign again.

Please prepare to meet thy God.  Many will think they are ready, only to find that they needed to leave the world system, with all its entrapments and submit totally to God in true worship and heart surrender.  Too, too many are not ready, I fear.  God help me to be and I pray the same for you.  I am so turned off by this world that I can hardly believe it.  But, I tell you the truth, I am glad that I am.  God help me to be even more so, as I see the day approaching.

Read, and reread the “I Am Coming” letters of Sabrina and Susan.  They all say the same thing…total surrender is what God is calling for.  Whether you believe the letters are from God or not, their message is certainly scriptural.  


Gerry Almond