Gerlinda (7 Jan 2012)
"Tracey Laing's  father"

Tracey,  My heart and prayers are with you concerning your father.  Sometimes, it seems that it is impossible for a parent, whom showed no desire to know God Almighty to be saved.  Let me tell you about my father.  The night before he passed away from Cancer, so very weak even to hold his head up because of most of his body weight was gone....this bag of bones stood up and screamed and jumped up and down on his bed to try to escape the flames of fire.   We were told this later by his room-mate. The next morning he was gone.  I wasn't a Chritian yet many years later, when I did become Born-Again, this memory of my father, in his last moments, apparently trying to escape the fires of Hell actually burned in my soul.  I just could not see how he could have been saved.  All I ever heard come out of his mouth were using His Holy Name in cursing.
One night, I had a beautiful dream concerning my father.  I saw two doors and he was standing between the two.  Then he walked to the door on the right and it opened and the most beautiful view of heaven that I could imagine was there for him to walk into.  It was so real to me that I sat up in bed and said, "Ohhhhhhhhh!"  And then, I laid back down.  The next morning my husband told me how I had sat up and said that one word in such wonderful awe that he wanted to know what it was all about.  I believe God gave him that short vision of Hell which caused my father to call upon Him.
I believe Tracey, that our Heavenly father has his angels doing everything possible to bring him to the right door.  We know that no man comes to the Father except the Holy Spirit draws him.  Keep claiming your father for Yeshua so that Family Circle will not be broken; even if that circle includes just you and he.
Bless you,