Gerlinda (7 Jan 2012)
"To Kevin M - you were favored to see what will soon take place on West Coast"

Kevin M, I have no doubt but God favored you with a dream that describes what is taking place right now off the Baja/Southern California Coast. of that very warning   I had just read that private letter about the same time you had your dream of which I posted on Five Doves as "Leave right now?"  I see that the message was quickly removed because it was meant for just a very few.  I was confused as to why it was even posted in the first place if it was to be private and then I read your dream and you allude to only a few being aware and ready.  I have passed on your dream to everyone that I had passed on the original message given by the persons in Baja area.  May all of the Lord's own have gotten both of the message and given their lives over to Almighty God: I, personally know of a realtive there who makes fun of my warnings, telling me that she is not concerned.  Oh, My, but I pray that she has the few moments to cry out to Him but her grown children??? She has never taught them about being Born-Again.   I know God is in control and only the eyes that were meant to see this got it delivered.   Kevin,  thank you for being faithful to Our Lord Yeshua.    gerlinda
Keven M's dream