Gerlinda (4 Jan 2012)
"To BC, re: "My Shroud book now published""

Dear BC,  I believe I am the one that opened the door on the Shroud news which I have had no trouble accepting as fact.  There are friends and family that do not believe this, which they base on their own nonesense of bias feeling without any research.  So, I saw it as a great opportunity to post the fact that once again the scientific community  is getting very interested in this Shroud.    However, I believe that it is the Holy One of Israel that is giving the skeptic a very small window of opportunity to see His Ressurrection Power that soon He will use to open the graves of the believers and then lift the rest of the living believers into the air to be with HIM.  Nothing is coincidence with Almighty God, is it?   I will order this book and thanks again BC for providing additional information.  Gerlinda
The B&N link is:
BC (3 Jan 2012)
"My Shroud book now published"

Is there someone lurking on 5 Doves that is really interested in the Shroud of Turin and physical evidence of the resurrection? I was just wondering, because it is kind of strange that I just got this email from Joe Marino today. I am forwarding it in case someone wants to buy his new book. I'll definitely get a copy.

Back in the late 1970's I remember praying to God that I would like to come back to the Christian faith, BUT I didn't believe in the resurrection, etc. It wasn't too long after my prayer when I saw my first article on the Shroud. God is no respecter of persons, so He gave me the physical evidence I needed, similar to what he gave the disciple Thomas. In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells Thomas that it is better to believe without physical evidence, but if you're one of those "faith challenged" people like me, He'll give you the evidence you need to believe.

Below is the email I just received from Joe Marino. I mentioned him in one of my last posts about the Shroud. bc