Gerlinda (31 Jan 2012)
"New Madrid Earthquake Dream"

 John & Doves,  This is from Stan Deyo link.  gerlinda
January 30, 2012

Hello Mr & Mrs Deyo,

My youngest son, who is a policeman in a small town in Kansas, called me on his cell phone. Every time he calls he says, "Call me back." But this time he did not. He was yelling that a huge earthquake was hitting. I could see it in my mind's eye and knew it was the New Madrid fault. Then all of a sudden, all the earth to his left collapsed and was growing as deep as the Grand Canyon. Then he fell into it, and was screaming on his way down, trying to warn the other policemen in his force. All I could do is watch.

Then I heard a voice say: "It has begun."

I awoke with a start, realizing that I had begun to awaken when my son called me in the dream, and so this was partially a lucid dream.

Just wanted to tell someone, and I know you are interested in our dreams.

Thank you.