Gerlinda (24 Jan 2012)
"The atonement work of Jesus was only to save His kinsman, the sons of Adam"

Here is something that David Flynn posted on one of his links.   David, whom just passed away yesterday (Sunday 1-22 ) in Montana after a bout of having had a stroke, had a way of coming right to the core of the issue of mankind made in the image of God as opposed to those that have attempted to steal that gift in order to make creation in their own image and rule,  not only earth, but to sit on the sides of the North in Heaven.   I think we Christians have a real tendancy to bicker over the issues that have little or nothing to do with the greater picture (but it does cause us to dig furthur in the Word and to learn from each other also....kind of fun too).  This article ought to clear up the issue of what it means to be Born-Again and whether works are necessary for this gift.  Works are the very thing that a believer should strive to do after having the "Gift" given and it is those things that will earn the believer a crown that we can lay before our Mastor's feet. 
    Jesus did not come to save the apes & dolphins, He did not come to save the puppies & kitties, and He certainly did not come to save the Zeta Reticulans & the Alien Grays. Jesus Christ is called theKINSMAN REDEEMER. The atonement work of Jesus was only to save His kinsman, the sons of Adam. If a being is not a descendent of Adam, this being --no matter how intelligent -- will not take part in the promise of Jesus Christ. Watcher 's research confirms that there are beings genetically similar to the race of Adams, but have been genetically tampered with by rebel angels, or engineered to be superior humans in some illuminated laboratory. These hybrids are not capable of "being saved" by the grace of the Kinsman Redeemer, for they are not His kinsmen. This increase in humans who aren't genetically sons of Adam is a symptom of the end times, just as in the days of Noah when Nephilim walked the earth among humans.
PS  David Flynn, who is now with the Lord, devoted his life to exposing the enemy.  While the topics may horrify most ( they are not pleansant) you may want to look at some of his work; especially you experts in mathmatics.