Gerlinda (23 Jan 2012)
"Mathaman - two sets of sounds?"

Hi Mathman,  You posted this about the noise heard around the world.  Since many, including myself, have heard a mix of sounds such as 1.  Diabolical and 2. Shofars,  and we are expecting to be taken up at the same time as Sudden Destruction, would it seem out of the realm of possibilities to you that both sounds can be heard at different levels?  times?  persons?    Thanks for any thoughts on this.  gerlinda

What us Watchers should expect leading up to January 28th

Here is a SPECULATIVE list of what we should expect leading up to January 28th:

- The strange sounds being heard all around the planet will continue to increase, but will be sparingly reported by the Main Stream Media (MSM), if at all. To me, it is the very sound of hell itself (, as it certainly doesn’t sound how I imagine the New Jerusalem to sound!! PERHAPS it is another warning from God ALLUDING to the soon hell that will break out on earth to those who refuse the free gift of His Son. If you haven’t heard these sounds yet, you simply must listen (linked above). However, DO NOT listen just before bed or when you are all by yourself, AT LEAST NOT WITHOUT LOTS OF PRAYER FIRSTJ!!!

- Thanks to Five Doves and other rapture forums, we will know of the ever increasing escalation of tensions between China, Russia, Iran, Israel, Syria and the U.S.A., but yet will VERY RARELY, if ever, see it in the MSM