Gerlinda (19 Jan 2012)
"Pastor Bob - Bedford Limestone"

Pastor Bob,
I asked my friend in Indiana, whose father worked for the railroad, if he knew anything about these shipments of limestone.  I've included her reply below, ok?   When Israel was first rebuilt, I don't imagine there were the huge quarry workings going on to even begin to construct the various government buildings in quick manner so  a lot was  probably shipped since money is no issue to the Freemasons  BUT I'm also thinking that the Freemasons have gathered the best from all over the world for their One World Masonic Temple, which we know is their absolute goal to accomplish.    As former Masons & Eastern Star, we are keenly aware of how all of the rituals center around the temple and the scriptures taken out of context to give support to their purpose.   Most members have no idea of who the god is that is only revealed when one is honored into the 33rd degree.  Then his name is is....Allah.   g

Okay. Here is the scoop. My dad says he does remember those rail cars being shipped to PA,and slated for shipping to NJ where ANY consignments that were ordered to be shipped overseas were sent. The reason the limestone was shipped from Bedford, IN was that Bedford limestone was world renowned for it's superior quality in building materials. Therefore, it was used on buildings worldwide, and still is. My dad did not remember the Israel shipping designation, but he knew that ALL consignments of Bedford limestone that was marked to be shipped first to Pennsylvania and then on to New Jersey was always designated for overseas shipping.