Gerlinda (19 Jan 2012)
"Jim Bramlett, Lewis Brackett & Edwina"

Thanks Jim Bramlett and Lewis Brackett for your concern over Sorca Faal.  Yes, I know that The name is fictitious and the source of many false, sensational stories. 
The Christian president that I voted for twice and his conservative father turned out to be liars of the first class who pulled a real Skull & Bones (Masonic) Hood-wink over us.  We  thought we were getting the "Real Deal".  Did you know that Bush Jr. has the Skull & Bones name of Magog?  And his father's title is Gog? 
So, who can you really believe in these days outside of the Word of God?  It's a case of looking at all of the evidence and trying to determine the facts.  I know that Sorca Faal reported a more convincing story of what happened at the time the earthquake took place in Virginia, which was later proven to be correct through earthquake graphs that defined the lines to be explosions rather than the noraml earthquakes that build up in pressure.  They told how the so called earthquake in Colorado was a serious of explosions which made it's way through the under-ground net-work to Virgina to vent.  I believe there is an inside military force that is working to stop these FORCES that want to tear this once great nation down.    Will they succeed?  Doesn't look like it.  Mystery Babylon is under God's Wrath, which will soon be felt nation-wide.
I do thank you for your information but as I said, "sometimes the unlikely source will be the truthful one."
Thanks Edwina....I believe you are a bit more cynical like I am having been shown how false our own reporting sources have become slanted since coming under the owner-ship of the NWO.   If the next big event over there takes place at the northern NATO port in the Persian Gulf, you know it's war.  I recall the shock of learning that the ship Liberty, an American ship was an attack designed to blame the Egyptians but it turned out to be someone else.  How naive we once were.