Gerlinda (17 Jan 2012)
"Edwina and others that are concerned about foods we eat"

Dear Edwina,  I read your request to others about whether we are free to eat everything or not.
Some returned with everything was ok   because the Bible says all things were made by God and profitable for consumtion.  While the Biblical quote may be true, good sense tells us that even God Himself set aside all the animals, birds, etc. that were scavengers as being off-limit to His people.  Why?  Because these scavengers  ate everything and anything that was dead regardless of what had killed the victim. They were the garbage dumpsters to clean up the earth's surgace, water & air.    Ask yourself, "Would I intentionally eat something that has soaked in blood full of disease to keep it juicy, then seared the slab of meat quickly to keep all the flavor inside?"  Absolutely not!    Or even just pickle it?  This includes Pork.  These fat-laden split-hooves have only 1 stomach to process the junk they gorge upon and it all goes to it's own body meat, which is processed in dangerous chemicals or smoked to produce the bacons and hams.  But the cow, on the other hand, has four stomachs and like a filter, it does a wonderful God-given job to screen out dangerous feeds.  Their only danger now is being shot up with needle's full of man's idea of producing a bigger animal less prone to disease and that is passed onto the human through the meat because the stomach was not part of the screening process.  They also are not grazing on healthy grass lands or hay  anymore either but dangerous feed to fatten them up quickly.  What God had created (outside of those He plainly stated were scavengers and off-limits) still stands so it's up to us to use  the good sense He gave us to be wise about what we consume instead of becoming little Porkers ourself.  Here is another great  hint.  Use Coconut Oil in place of all oils outside of Olive Oil.  I've used it on my skin and it is a wonderful healer besides keeping the skin soft and wrinkle free..  It brought my good cholesterol up to a whopping 87.  It has been proven by a female doctor to have brought her altzeimers husband back around to a great extend of normalacy.  We truly are what we eat so let that be a Christian's guide until the Lord comes for us.  Here is the article concerning starving away Cancer.  God bless!  gerlinda