Gerlinda (17 Jan 2012)
"While I let my husband use my computer"

Hi Mathman,
This is the first time I've even considered writing to you due to your math skills but I am so excited.....I just have to tell you.  Usually I do not give up my computer for my husband to read anything cause he doesn't really care and it takes time away from all of my reading but there was a WWIII article  based on the Steve McQueen movie of The Great Escape.  So, while he was reading that, I went over to the kitchen counter and randomly opened my Bible to read.  It opened to Ezekiel 38, which I read through chapter 39.
Then, when I got my computer back, what do I see?  The next article on my list was: 
                                       MathMan (16 Jan 2012)
That was so great for me to witness.  Coincidence?  No Way!  Thanks!  gerlinda