Gerlinda (12 Jan 2012)
"Re: Gary, Frank Molver & Nicole Poon"

Gary, Frank & Nicole Poon,
"The song that they CHOSE for Lady Ga Ga to sing was "Paparazzi" as Gary tells in his article....great job Gary.   By the way, I think you knew that the Paparazzi is a code name to describe the British, French and US  Secret Service  that are reported to be the real killers of Diana to keep her quiet.  Take a look at the T-shirt worn by the writer of that song.  Then, skip down to the picture below that.
Now, take a look at the description that Frank gave of that rocket that has a demon's face on it as Nicole Poon described in her dream and drawing.  Look close! It is the picture of Baphomet, the demon that all the Illuminati worship.   I included another picture of Baphomet right above Frank's so you can compare better.  Do you see that black portion at the base of the rocket?  Do you see the two horns extending up into the smoke?  Praise God for the many people, on His side, who have their eyes and ears open, who are able to point these things out.  These are the subtle signs portrayed  all over by Lucifer's followers telling us just how close it all is to their New Kingdom.  Another Praise God for the promise of His Rapture and His Kingdom.  gerlinda
Frank R Molver (11 Jan 2012)
"prophetic drawing of nuke Satan"

Nicole Poon sent the prophetic drawings above
If you scroll down to Dec 5 you will see a drawing of a nuke explosion with Satan's face in it.
The next picture shows that it effects the whole world
If you hover over it with your mouse you will see her comments
I was reminded recently that Russia now has a huge intercontinental nuke called Satan
Here is a picture of it being launched.
Perhaps this fits what others have been speculating recently
If not soon, when?